Ethic of citizenship -- do we still need it?Discuss your thoughts on the following statement: "In this age of reinvention and managerialist government, we still need to be concerned about the...

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I think that citizenship is still important. Many people still love the idea of labeling and are proud of that labeling. For one to call himself or herself an American brings pride for many. That said, being part of something greater (if one agrees that it is greater than himself or herself) is important. Along with that, we are only given the right to certain things based upon citizenship.

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When our leaders are lacking in ethics, we need an ethic of citizenship even more.  I am not sure what has happened in our country, but I see so many young people who are unknowledgeable and uninterested about the rights and duties of citizenship.  We are not asserting our rights as citizens, for example, by not voting, and we are not fulfilling our duties, such as having knowledge of the issues and candidates who run for office and not caring about the country as a whole, only about things that affect us personally.  An ethic of citizenship implies that we participate intelligently and that we care about our fellow citizens, not just about ourselves. 

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I think people should be more involved in local government. People complain, but don't do. Not all problems are national. There are all kinds of things we can do at the local level. If we want change, we have to take action ourselves.
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I'd say that we need it more than ever because the government is getting to be so managerial.  We are ceding too much responsibility for everything to the government and are forgetting that we are the ones who should be responsible for most things and that we should turn to government only for the things we can't take care of on our own.

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What the hell is an ethics of citizenship? Jajajaja. Sometimes I worry about how political scientists make up words.

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