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Essay Writing Help - Improving My In-Class EssayHow can I write a great essay? I have...

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Essay Writing Help - Improving My In-Class Essay

How can I write a great essay? I have an in- class essay tomorrow based on an extract of animal farm. How can I improve my expression? Im having trouble expressing in my intro and conclusion.


Even though written 80 years ago, Animal Farm is still a significant satirical text in today's society. This text is essential reading as it communicates to the audience of the historical events that are still relevant to the world today, bringing insight into the world. The text further explores the natural instincts of the human race allowing us to understand how society is formed. Through the events in the story we are able to learn a moral due to its fable form.


From the above, it is clear that Animal Farm is an essential read. In particular George Orwell has shown the event of communist Russia through the use of a fable using animals to illustrate to us the audience a better understanding. Thus ones study of Animal Farm will allow the responder to strengthen the understanding the understanding of historical context of the Russian revolution, the human nature of our society and the morals learnt that are applicable to life through Animal Farm,

What can i add or rearrange to improve my intro and conclusion. Any tips on how to write a better essay? Thankyou I would appreciate it if you could reply ASAP or if pssible send me a example intro or conclusion for me to base on.

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You should break this question down into several parts and post multiple questions in the Q&A section, rather than the discussion section. For example, have one question about your intro and another about your conclusion. Discussion questions are meant for brief insights and opinions, not in-depth analysis and instruction.

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I would suggest, first, that you combine your opening sentences:

Written eighty years ago, Animal Farm remains an essential, satirical text today as it communicates insights still relevant to the world today.

I would also suggest dropping the statement that Animal Farm "communicates historical events" because the book, based on historical events, does not directly discuss any events from history.

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I would suggest that you mention more specifically how Orwell is trying to communicate a point about communist societies. Not getting into any details, mind you, but just thinking about how the general thrust of the story makes that point. What are the insights? If you're going to talk about them in your paper, go ahead and mention them a little more specifically up front, and then, of course, remind the reader of them at the end.

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