"Imitation of reality is imitation. . . " Where does this quotation come from? In the Enotes' summary of Auerbach, he is quoted in the second paragrpah.  There is no reference. From where is the...

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The quotation, “Imitation of reality is imitation of the sensory experience of life on earth-“ was taken from Erich Auerbach’s book, “Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature.” Auerbach wrote this criticism while he was living in Turkey.   I am not sure of the page number, but it is in the chapter where Auerbach discusses Dante.  This book is considered to be a must read for anyone who has interest in the critical review of Western Literature.  His main idea within the structure of this book is the “recurrence of realism throughout all of literature’s history, thus the title “Mimesis.”

"Auerbach seeks to answer four key questions: What style best represents reality? What is the opposite of mimesis—fantasy, farce, rhetoric? What elements of realism influence the artist who writes intentionally nonrealistic literature? What cultural, historical, or literary phenomena affect the writer’s attitudes toward contemporary reality and determine his obligation to represent it faithfully?"

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