In "The Enormous Radio". What kind of voice do you envision?  Does the narrator's tone of voice enhance the style of this story? In "The Enormous Radio". What kind of voice do you envision?...

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I envision the classic old radio announcer's style of voice that introduced and sometimes narrated old radio shows like "The Avenger" and "Hopalong Cassidy." The announcer's voice was virtually always a deep baritone or baritone-bass with clear pronunciation and articulation. It is this voice I envision in Cheever's story.

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Cheever's narrative view in this story is explicitly linked to the voice of the radio, which is omniscient yet apparently unable to pass comment or judgement on what happens. The tone of the voice is therefore detached and distant from the action, and this is part of the mastery of Cheever's writing style in this story, as only later do we suspect that the narrator is actually part of the fantasy that Irene has created.

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