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Edward II as Marlowe's choice as a tragic hero Marlowe chose Edward II as the main...

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Edward II as Marlowe's choice as a tragic hero

Marlowe chose Edward II as the main character not chiefly for the reason that he loves a classless character like Gaveston. All the barons and upper class people of the court hate him not because they dislike homosexuality, but because Gaveston is a base and obscure character. Marlowe did not like this attitude of the barons. So in the teeth of all opposition from the class conscious barons and nobility, the king continues his love for Gaveston  . Marlowe has not spent a single word for homosexuality. Neither the Barons nor the Queen herself spoke anything about it.  Gaveston is criticised but more so because he is humble and without any pedigree.To have minion is not a problem. Alexaner had Hephaestion, Hercules had  Hylas , Achilles had Patroclus, Octavius had Tully and so on.  Secondly, in Edward II  Marlowe found a hero with a hamartia which fits into  the Aristotelian concept of tragedy. Later, this paves the way for 'Character is Destiny' concept so befittingly used by Shakespeare in his tragedies. Lastly, it is Marlowe's romantic vision  that inspires him to choose Edward , the passionate man to be the hero of his tragedy. Younger Mortimer is justified in many respects. But he is calculating and Machiavellian. Edward II is weak but impulsive. It suits  Marlovian mighty lines in Tamburlaine is better in Edward II Edward II the man is more important to Marlowe, rather than the king.

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Tragedy usually starts with a murder or it normally deals about avenging someone's dealth, which ends tragically but in this case here the drama starts smoothly and ends well with few murder and avenging . what kind of category does this tragical drama falls?

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Tradegy generally starts with great deal of smoothness where we cannt find any incomplete things however some sorts of the smoothness seem some lacking after the denouncement of any type of events as we feel there is intering a small invisible insect which is producing more and insects to spoil the smoothness of any uniity that become real causse of  tradegy.In the middle part of the events mostly we cannt find any chorence or the preferable role by the characters what the audience or the readers dont like to see or hear is tradegy ultimately the ending becomes seperated or di

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