During the 1920s, there was an "explosion" of cultural developments. According to Ayers, these included...a. Radio b. Jazz c. Automobile d. All of the above as helping to create the culture of the...

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I think that any multiple choice question would necessitate being able to go back to the particular text in question and validating that the answer being sought is present.  With this in mind, I think that the answer is all of the above.  The 1920s was such a unique time because its "explosion" of cultural developments were massive and multi- pronged in seeking to establish its connection to so much of the social design of the time period.  Radio was looming large in the time, a way to unify people in their appreciation of mass consumer culture and to develop a place where cultural identity could be shared and disseminated.  Jazz became the soundtrack to this sharing of cultural identity.  Conscious of this, the 1920s became known as "The Jazz Age," primarily referencing the massive intensity with which Jazz became appropriated by mainstream society.  The automobile fed mass consumerism through its mass produced element and ensuring that more people were able to experience the vehicle and its promise of freedom, something that fed into the cultural narrative of the decade.  In all of these, one find the culture of the 1920s being forged.


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