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What are five specific experiences in The Cay and how did each change Phillip?

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What are five specific experiences in The Cay and how did each change Phillip?

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Most of Phillip's experiences in The Cay revolve around how he comes to rely on Timothy after he is blinded. After his ship is torpedoed, Phillip is forced to spend the remaining months away from his mother and father, and he is forced to adopt Timothy as his surrogate parent. Despite Phillip's fear of the strange and unseen island, Timothy teaches Phillip that there is "nothin' to fear 'ere... nothin' but sea grape, sand, a few lil' lizard, an' dose palm tree." Timothy teaches Phillip how to catch lobster, on which the boy subsists following Timothy's death. Phillip discovers Timothy's true heroic nature and love for his young friend when the old sailor gives his life by protecting him from the wind and rain of the hurricane. Following Timothy's death, Phillip remembers all of the lessons he has been taught by the old St. Thomian, and he is able to survive until rescue comes. Timothy's love changes Phillip's mind about black people, and when he is able to return to Curacao, he spends much of his time among the native islanders, because

I liked the sound of their voices. Some of them had known old Timothy from Charlotte Amalie. I felt close to them.  (Chapter 19)


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