Draw a time line of Darcy's and Elizabeth's courtship that include major moments in the development of the relationship in Pride and Prejudice.Include important events surrounding other characters...

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Darcy and Elizabeth meet at a ball that her friend Charlotte's father holds.  There is clearly an attraction there that neither can deny, but they realize they come from completely different worlds, so both form prejudices about each other that do not hold true in the end.  Through several other chance meetings, Elizabeth and Darcy begin to get to know each other.  Their attraction grows deeper.  When Elizabeth's friend, Charlotte, marries Mr. Collins, she goes to visit them in Kent.  She encounters Darcy once again, which is a major event in the novel.

Darcy proposes to Elizabeth at Kent, but she turns down his proposal because of inaccuracies about his relationship with Wickham and his influence on Mr. Bingley's rejection of Jane.  Darcy then leaves her a letter the next day explaining the reasons he dislikes Wickham.  This is an important time in the novel because Elizabeth begins to realize she has made some unfair assumptions and judgments about Darcy.

The next important time occurs when Elizabeth tours Darcy's home with the Gardiners.  Darcy is there when she visits and this takes her by surprise, but she enjoys time with Darcy and his sister and the Bingleys, who have also shown up.

Elizabeth finds out that Lydia and Wickham's wedding was paid for by Darcy (and that he also paid Wickham much more) and this finally convinces her that she has been wrong about Darcy.

After Lady Catherine comes to Elizabeth's home to try to convince her to not marry Darcy, Elizabeth knows there might be hope and she refuses to promise the lady that she will not marry Darcy.  Darcy learns of this and returns to propose to Elizabeth.

Other characters' situations that influence Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship include the difficulties of Bingley and Jane's relationship, Lady Catherine's interference, and her own family's reservations and misconceptions about Darcy, for example.

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