I don't know how to draw this please help! The image of (x,y) translates into (x+1, y-5) is D' E' as shown. Draw the preimage.(picture link below)...

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The picture provided shows the coordinates of D' and E', such that:

`D'(5,-2), E'(7,-1)`

Using the information by the problem that the image `(x,y)` translates into `(x + 1,y - 5)` , you may find the preimage DE such that:

`{(x_D + 1 = 5),(y_D - 5 = -2):} => D(4,3)`

`{(x_E + 1 = 7),(y_E - 5 = -1):} => E(6,4)`

Hence, you may now draw the preimage DE since you know the coordinates `D(4,3), E(6,4)` .

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