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Dogberry and the Great Comic Shakespearean CharactersIn all of the discussions about...

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Dogberry and the Great Comic Shakespearean Characters

In all of the discussions about the heroes, the villains, and the ladies, sometimes we forget that there are some hilarious comic roles in the plays by Shakespeare.  When I think comedy, I instantly think of Dogberry from Much Ado!  Talk about just a fun, funny role!  His malapropisms are just about the funniest to listen to, and I swear I catch new ones every time I see the play!  One of my favorite of his lines is, "Thou wilt be condemned into everlasting REDEMPTION for this!"  Also, "Write down Prince John a villain.  Why, this is flat perjury, to call the prince's brother villain!"

So, who is your favorite comic role, either male or female, in Shakespeare's plays?  Share your thoughts, characters, quotes, scenes, etc.! :)

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Well, I have always found Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night to be a hilarious character. I love his feud with Malvolio and the way that he "plays" on the stupidity of Sir Andrew Augecheek throughout the play to create some hilarious scenes. He captures the spirit of a die-hard party goer that refuses to calm down or sober up. A model for us all!

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