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If a dog ran into a wall, would it make it's face puffen/fatten up?If a dog ran into a...

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If a dog ran into a wall, would it make it's face puffen/fatten up?

If a dog ran into a wall face first, would it fatten/puffen it's face? If so, why. If not, please reason why but not just a common sense answer. A really actual answer of 'why' if or if not it would make it's face somewhat larger. This is just a question I've been wondering if it's possible, not a actual homework help. Just curious so I thought to ask a teacher or anyone who can help me. Thank you.

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Be careful not to confuse cartoon puffing for reality.  In general, we can't ADD mass to an object by running it into a wall. But biological bodies have a capacity to heal themselves, and with that capacity, the body sends healing resources from another part of the body to the wounded area.  So if the dog were wounded, swelling could occur, making the effect of puffing.  However, the collision itself wouldn't cause the issue like a cartoon.  It would be a biological process that cause swelling to an injury.

This may seem like a kookie question, but pondering the bizzare has often been the baileywick of creativity.  Happy dreaming! 

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Something else to consider, since you're imagining theoretical events. If the dog's collision with the wall was so forceful that it broke bones in the dog's muzzle, the resulting displacement of bone and tissue could have the appearance of "puffing" or "fattening up" the shape of the dog's head. Particularly if bones were displaced, meaning that the ends were pushed apart and out of line with each other instead of merely cracking or breaking but maintaining alignment, the shape of the head could be significantly altered as a result of the crash into the wall.

I'm not sure a collision with that much force would ever happen in real life, but this could be another result if it did happen!

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