Does William Trevor Cox in such works as The Distant Past "write with the objectivity of an outsider, but also with a native's appreciation of Ireland's social and political complexities?"Support...

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William Trevor Cox (who wrote mainly under the pen name of William Trevor) was a Protestant born in a rural County Cork in Ireland. He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin and first worked as a sculptor and schoolteacher in Ireland, and then, in search of better economic opportunities, moved to England, where he taught and worked in advertising and started to refocus on writing. Initially, his fiction was set in England, and viewed England through the eyes of an Irish outsider. Only after he had been living in England for several decades did he begin to write about Ireland. Whether his Irish stories should be described as an ‘outsider`or a `nostalgic or memorial` viewpoint is an interesting question, given that he did not come to Ireland from the outside, but rather left it as an adult. In The Distant Past he makes use of the viewpoint of the English visiting Ireland, and thus one could say he uses an outsider viewpoint.


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