Does Jack's desire to kill a pig fit into either of the group's two main priorities established by Ralph?

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At first it would seem that this desire to kill a pig would fit into a priority for survival for both of the groups. However, Ralph clearly points out several needs. He notes the need for shelter and the need for rescue. These can be attended to by building shelters and building and maintaining a fire so that a smoke signal can be seen by passing ships or aircraft. Ralph also notes that fresh water must be maintained for the boys. A process of going into the island and getting steam water and filling coconuts with it has begun. Unfortunately, some people are not following through. Another goal is to maintain appropriate bathroom facilities so that feces are washed away by the tide.

Jack's priority to kill a pig does not coincide with Ralphs goals of safety, shelter, cleanliness, and sustinence. It will compliment the goal of sustinence, but I have a feeling Jack wants a pig for the wrong reasons.

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