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does the given information describe a probablity distribution?Based on information from...

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does the given information describe a probablity distribution?

Based on information from MRINetwork, some job applicants are required to have several interviews before a decision is made. the number of required interviews and the corresponding probabilities are 1(0.09);2(0.31);3(0.37);4(0.12);5(0.05);6(0.05.

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Yes, the information provided gives the number of interviews that have to be taken and the probability of each of them. The random variable here is the number of interviews and the probability for each of them is given.

For 1 interview the probability is 0.09, for 2 it is 0.31, for 3 it is 0.37, for 4 it is 0.12, for 5 it is 0.05 and for 6 it is 0.05.

This is a probability distribution of a variable that gives the number of interviews an applicant has to have.


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