Does anyone know anything about Mark Twain and some lesson plans and activities I can do in my class of 8th graders?

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I have lesson plans for Tom Sawyer that I bought through Scholastic Publishing. They also have lesson plans online for several of Twain's works. The Mark Twain House in Connecticut also has lesson plans for sale for $14:

The Mark Twain house has a sample lesson plan on its website, as well. The links below will direct you to Scholastic's online lesson plans and the Mark Twain House's Education Department.

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Here is a page for you that includes a link to The Autobiography of Mark Twain, a link to the lesson plans & puzzle packs for The Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, and a bunch of other Twain-related information:

Mark Twain

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Here is another website for lesson plans:

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