What are two examples of hyperbole in The House on Mango Street?

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One example of hyperbole in The House on Mango Street is in the chapter titled "Those Who Don't."  Esperanza says that people who don't know the neighborhood come into it scared.  She implies that these people are white.  She says that these people ". . .think we're dangerous."  Esperanza's statement is exaggerated because she cannot know whether or not all the people who drive into the neighborhood are indeed afraid.  However, the hyperbole is used here to characterize the socioeconomic divide that exists between Esperanza's neighborhood and other around them.

Another example of hyperbole is in the chapter titled "And Some More."  In this chapter, the girls talk about all the different names that Eskimos have for snow.  Nenny says that "[t]here are a million zillion kinds" to imply that no two snowflakes are alike.  This hyperbole is in contrast to the comment of Lucy who says that snow is only either dirty or clean--a statement on the reality of their urban lives.

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