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Does anybody know where I can get some really good information on the devolpment and...

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Does anybody know where I can get some really good information on the devolpment and evolution of plants?

I need some oinfo on the evolution of plant life since the creation of earth. It would be really good if it were in timeline form so its easier to read, but I don't mind.

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The University of California has several web sites on this, and I would start with the following:


From there you can move on to the following pages (and lots more):

"Plantae: Systematics" (http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/plants/plantaesy.html) Systematics are evolutionary trees - kind of like an evolutionary road map or family trees.

The "Web Geological Time Machine" (http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/help/timeform.html) is an interactive time line. By clicking on the specific era, you are taken to a page with good information about the plant life of that age, as well as geological information.

The Tree of Life Project can be found at (http://tolweb.org/tree/phylogeny.html ). Its pages are linked together much like a systematic; that is, they are heirarchical going from the broader groups and moving out to individual branches of species.

Plants, specifically, can be found under Eukaryota, organisms with cells that have a nucleus.

While I have not specifically found a "time line," this information is easily found on the web sites mentioned.


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Thanks. But i was kind of looking for information on the major events of the evolution of plants. Stuff like how plants evolved, and how many years ago it occured. I had to complete a timeline for the evolution of animals which i had no problem with but it's the plants that have brought me to a standstill. Even if i find any sites, they are simply to hard to understand.

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Enotes has great information on the history of plants. Follow the link I provide below!

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Here is a link below that will give you a very clear picture of the evolutionary development of the major plant groups and a time line.

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