What are examples of foreshadowing in The House on Mango Street?

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When Esperanza's grandfather dies, her father must go to Mexico for the funeral.  While he is away, Esperanza tries to fill her father's role in the family.  She is the one who explains about their grandfather's death to the other children.  She is the one who becomes responsible for discipline in the household.  Her acceptance of the male parent's role in the family foreshadows her rejection of becoming trapped in the typically female role in the barrio later on.

In "Bums in the Attic" and again in "The Three Sisters," Esperanza gives clues that she will someday own her own house and leave the neighborhood, but she will remember to help others and come back for those who can't leave.

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In the House on Mango Street there are several examples of foreshadowing. The bum’s request for a kiss; the boys’ demand that Sally kiss each of them in exchange for her keys; the description of Esperanza’s great-grandmother’s life of sitting at the window; Esperanza’s preoccupation with names and naming.

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what are the pages for those answers?


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