"Do you watch for the longest day of the year and then miss it? I always watch for the longest day and miss it." Is this Anaphora?its in chapter one of the great gatsby im doing a slite page...

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It would be stretching it to argue that this is anaphora (the repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of lines or sentences) because the entire quote is almost a repetition of itself.  You can describe this quote by Daisy as a rhetorical question because she answers it herself and asks the question in the midst of her babbling (trying to distract herself and Nick from the tension in her marriage).

It is also an example of irony--the idea that someone anticipates an event (which lasts longer than the average day) and then does not recognizes the event when it occurs.  Fitzgerald uses this thought to illustrate the Old Money folks as being so self-involved and bored with life that one day is just like any other.

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