Do you think that friendship in novels Of Mice and Men and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is  an appropriate topic for essay from english literature?I am student from Slovakia and I want to write...

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I think katemschultz is onto a great idea for an essay: the theme of non-traditional friendships.  It's easy to look through literature of all genres, cultures, and time periods to find close friends with much in common.  It's much more difficult to find two people with little in common who lean on each other and support and protect each other as much as Huck/Jim and George/Lenny do.  All four of them had much to lose as a result of their friendships, and, outside of personal contact, had little to gain.  Take George for instance.  He had no real incentive for dragging Lenny around other than the fact that it provided him with some real friendship, something that was quite scarce at that time, especially for people like the ranch hands.  This would be an interesting topic; I'd be curious to see other people's ideas for similar character relationships that could be included in such an essay. 

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Another angle you may want to consider using is the loyalty to each other that true friends have.  Both novels illustrate several examples of the two sets of characters falling into situations where their loyalty to each other, and thus their friendship, is tested.  Perhaps your paper could focus on studying the necessary elements that make an enduring friendship (i.e. loyalty, understanding, codependency, etc.) and then comparing and contrasting how the two sets of characters (George and Lennie, Jim and Huck) do or do not demonstrate those elements in their friendship.

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I think this is great topic--but before you write, I'd think about what are you going to say about the friendship in both novels and what examples are you going to use.

Are you going to talk about unexpected friendships? Non-traditional friendships? Compare and contrast the different friendships? Show how friendship is similar no matter the time, race, age, etc. My guess is you would use Huck and Jim and Lennie and George as your examples.

If you need more help with development, post back here.

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