Do you think a lot of Huxley' topics have become true?Do you think a lot of Huxley' topics have become true?

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I believe Huxley overestimated the materialism and lack of morals that appear in Brave New World.  Today's society definitely has its faults, but materialism and immorality is present in society no matter what century we live in.  You will find people of all generations and from all periods in history who lack moral fiber or have a tendency to be hedonistic or materialistic, but you will also find those who have strong moral values and are more generous and simplistic.  As for modern times, we have become a largely technological society that relies a lot on material items; however, this type of materialism has lead to progressions in important fields such as science, medicine, and engineering that have bettered our world and our society.  Everything has to be taken in context.

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