Do you agree with Jane or Elizabeth in discussion of Caroline Bingley's letter, character and possible motivation in moving to London?Do you agree with Jane or Elizabeth in discussion of Caroline...

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Elizabeth knows that Jane is naive and even calls her out on her overly optimistic attitudes towards people and their motivations.  Elizabeth is more consistently a voice of reason, and sometimes a fair amount of cynicism, but she wants what is best for everyone in her family, so I trust in her advice to Jane.  I am also a romantic at heart, so of course I don't want Jane to give up on what seemed so promising. 

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I would have to agree with Lizzie because Jane is willing to accept Mr. Bingley's sister's explanation at face value; whereas, Elizabeth is more aware of his sister's attitude and possible motivations.  Jane is naive, clearly.  I would have to side with Lizzie's insistence that Jane not give up on Mr. Bingley.  Lizzie realizes that Jane must at least try to pursue this relationship instead of simply giving up.

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