Do the equations x = 4y + 1 and x = 4y – 1 have the same solution?

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The equations given in the problem x = 4y + 1 and x = 4y – 1 are linear equations that relate two variables x and y.

The graph of the two equations are two parallel lines. No set of values satisfying the relation x = 4y - 1 is the same as that satisfying the relation x = 4y + 1. The two equations do not have a common solution.

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Let just say y=2







The two equation does not have the same solution.

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No and first of all, they are not even equations that can be solved, they are linear equations. They are a system of equations, you find the solution of both equations by substituting a variable in one equation the corresponding variable in the other. For example i could sustitute the x's in x=4y+1 and x=4y-1, which results in 4y+1=4y-1. Then you solve for y and that is uour solution. Hope this helps for you.

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