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Do i earn money in eNOTES?How to earn,and how they pay you?And how much points you need...

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Do i earn money in eNOTES?

How to earn,and how they pay you?And how much points you need to cashout?

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If you are an approved editor (I believe you have to answer a 5 questions that are approved by the supereditors before you can be approved), then yes you are eligible to earn points, badges, and money for contributing answers, completing assignments, and sharing classroom documents.

The dollar values vary from a dollar up to 3 dollars depending on whether it's a discussion question or a Q and A you answer. You can also earn bonuses for particularly thourough responses. Assignments you complete can earn significantly more than that, but they are much more time-intensive.

You can also have answers/pay revoked if they do not meet the requirements. You will have to study up on the parameters of answers by clicking on the "become and eNotes editor" link on the bottom of the page.

eNotes sends out a check to you after the 15th of each month once you have reached $100 or higher.

Good luck

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Okay thanks,but did not pay to paypal?

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