Discuss the Interpretation of Dreams with explanation of typical dreams by Sigmund Freud.The answer would be appreciated if it includes mechanism of how dreams work and its association with...

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Dreams according to Sigmund Freud, reflects the personality of a person. He believed that every single thought whether it is consciously suppressed and controlled, will later find its way to ventilate through a dream. 

During consciousness, controlled urges and impulses that a person trying to hold were quite primitive that need to be suppressed for awhile, stored in the unconscious mind in order to behave appropriately in the presence of society. However, it is during sleep period that the conscious part of mind is at rest and unable to guard these vulnerable hidden urges to express and ventilate.

Some dreams can hardly recall, it is because once a person awakened the conscious mind will start controlling and protecting reading images brought about in dreams; such images can be symbolic but it is a trace from a past traumatic experiences, or might be an extreme hidden desires that building up and find a way to be exposed into consciousness.

Example is when you dream of flying; it is very important how you felt and who are other characters involved in your dream. According to S.Freud flying denotes "power" or "freedom and will"; it is also very important to know if there is a presence of difficulty in flying or not, for it also relates on how a person on that dream control his will of direction in his life. Dreams considered helpful according to some researchers, because in anyways a person was able to ventilate his suppressed anxiety, fears, and other urges.



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Sigmund Freud believed that dreams served as the subconscious working through problems or addressing deeply hidden feelings.  He also theorized that dreams were internal stimuli affected by external stimuli, were often unfulfilled wishes, and played a role in the development of a human's psyche.

Dreams were theorized to follow three stages;

The Id-Unconscious, the person is unaware, basic needs and instinct.

The Ego-Conscious, relaying the days or weeks events but allowing some fantasy to move into the dream world.

The Super Ego- Preconscious,  the state when a person is neither here nor there.  It is a fantasy realm of missed experiences, desired outcomes, passion, and other feelings.

I have listed an excellent link that will help you to gain a better understanding of Freud's theory.

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