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Discuss the 5 braod foreign policy objectives under the heading African Renaissance....

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Discuss the 5 braod foreign policy objectives under the heading African Renaissance.


I must discuss each of the objectives: 1) Economic recovery of Africa 2) The establishment of political democracy throughout Africa 3) The end of neocolonial relationships between Africa and the world's economic powers 4) The mobilisation of the people of Africa to take their destiny into their own hands 5) Fast development of people-driven and people-centred economic growth and development aimed at meeting the basic needs. I just need two points under each heading. 

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The foreign policies objectives of the African Renaissance are embodied in the sentences of former South African President Thabo Mbeki in his 1996 "I am an African" speech:

Whatever the circumstances [Africans] have lived through and because of that experience, they are determined to define for themselves who they are and who they should be.

Thus, the African Renaissance, after the movements of decolonization and the establishment of democratic governments in the continent, seeks to make stable and stronger African self-determinancy, both in political and economic terms. The continent as a whole should adopt common policies to defeat the remnants of Western colonialism. Foreign relations within African countries should be marked by common, strategic decisions in the direction of economic and industrial cooperation. Foreign relations with Western and developed countries should not be characterized by the subaltern status that was their mark for decades. On the contrary, they should be shaped by the possibilities of economic development for the African continent.


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