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  Did I do this two column proof correctly?  I need help for numbers 1, 4 and...

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Did I do this two column proof correctly?


I need help for numbers 1, 4 and 11. I'm not sure what to put there?

1)AC is perpendicular to BD=___________ 

2)angle AEB and angle CEB are right angles=Definition of perpendicular lines

3)triangle AEB and triangle CEB are right triangles=Definition of right triangles

4)(Segment BE is congruent to Segment BE or Segment AB=Segment BC)?=Given

5)Segment BE is congruent to Segment BE=Reflexive Property of Segment Congruence

6)triangle ABE is congruent to triangle CBE=SSS Congruence Postulate

7)Segment AB is congruent to Segment BC=Corresponding parts of congruent Triangles are congruent.

8)AC and BD are perpendicular lines=Definition of Perpendicular Lines

9)angle AED and angle CED are right angles=Definition of a Right Triangle

10)Segment DE is congruent to DE=Reflexive Property of Segment Congruence

11)_______________=LL Congruence Theorem

12) Segment AD is congruent to CD=Defintion of Congruent Segments

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For number four.. Segment BE is congruent to segment Be by the reflexive property


I don't know about the others, sorry.

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