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Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges...

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Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges companies face when deciding to outsoure work and the impact that

As follow-on to your previous discussions with your new boss (HR Manager), the question has come up how effective has the off-shoring been for companies and has their reputation been changed by the off-shoring of activities or services? the decision may have on how they are perceived afterward.

Some of the areas to include, but not limited to, in your discussion are the following elements associated with offshoring:

  • A definition and components of offshoring
  • The impact on companies that have implemented offshore operations
  • The impact off-shoring has had on the human resources departments for these companies
  • The implications for organizations when off-shoring reduces domestic jobs
  • Explanation of whether off-shoring has affected the company operationally, financially, or from a reputation perspective
  • Explanation of your thoughts on how off-shoring has affected the human resources departments around the United States
  • Specific examples of companies that have implemented offshoring

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There's no effective way to answer this in 90 words, nor are we allowed to write your paper for you, but I can give you some concepts and main points to consider when assembling the essay.

In terms of human resources, the effect is at least two fold.  One, there is always tension and some chaos created when downsizing offices, and it is never pleasant work.  Two, you are recruiting companies and individuals overseas who have limited knowledge of your native language and culture, which then effects any business that deals with the public on a daily basis.

This can hurt a company's public image.  When buying this product, will I have to call India for customer support?  In a worldwide recession, how many jobs were lost to give this post to someone living outside the country.  It is also difficult in a consumer environment where "green friendly" affects buying habits to send manufacturing jobs to countries with dicey environmental records.

Wal-Mart is a prime agent of outsourcing, as they refuse to sign contracts with some companies if they do not.  Ford and Toyota have outsourced thousands of jobs.  Microsoft and Apple too, for both tech support and manufacturing of systems and software.

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