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Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges...

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Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges companies face when deciding to out

As follow-on to your previous discussions with your new boss (HR Manager), the question has come up how effective has the off-shoring been for companies and has their reputation been changed by the off-shoring of activities or services? Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges companies face when deciding to outsource work and the impact that the decision may have on how they are perceived afterward.

Some of the areas to include, but not limited to, in your discussion are the following elements associated with offshoring:

  • A definition and components of offshoring
  • The impact on companies that have implemented offshore operations
  • The impact off-shoring has had on the human resources departments for these companies
  • The implications for organizations when off-shoring reduces domestic jobs
  • Explanation of whether off-shoring has affected the company operationally, financially, or from a reputation perspective
  • Explanation of your thoughts on how off-shoring has affected the human resources departments around the United States
  • Specific examples of companies that have implemented offshoring

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I am not able to do the paper for you, but I can give you some recommendations.  I would establish a thesis statement before beginning to write.  If you are uncertain try brainstorming and write down everything that the topic makes you think of.

I would then do a point outline.  When one does a point out line on lists a topic such as:


Thesis statement.

Point #1; Off shore drilling

a) Definition


Point #2 Response of implementation in companies

a)  Positive outcome

b) negative outcome

Point # 3  Response of implementation to HR services

a) Positive

B) negative

Point #3  Job reduction

a) implications for community

b) implications for company



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Sounds like you're going to need to do a little research into companies that have successfully (and perhaps unsuccessfully) ventured into offshoring, as well.  Make sure you properly cite your sources...you can use Citation Machine online to help you do that.  The previous post does a great job of helping you break the paper down into smaller bits...do your brainstorming and mapping.  Use whatever grapic organizer works for you to organize your ideas, and hop to it!  Good Luck!

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Just to give you a suggestion to follow up on #3. You might want to research into companies in the UK that have decided to offshored telephone correspondence to cheaper locations such as India. Whenever you call centre in the UK now, the majority of them are based in India. But interestingly, many companies are now choosing to re-base their call centres in the UK.

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Dell Systems decided to use offshore workers in their support system and lost sales because of the language barriers.  CapitalOne is another company whose support system has hurt their business.  If you research these companies, you should be able to find the necessary data.

The employment of facts, statistics, and graphs aids greatly in such an assignment.

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Why not explain the disadvantages of outsourcing? While it's cheaper, you lose control of some of the quality. Communication can also be a big issue. I'm sure the company has no moral issue with paying slave wages and driving its own local economy into a recession.

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