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Describe yourself and your personality by using the imaginative device of taking a...

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Describe yourself and your personality by using the imaginative device of taking a "tour" of your brain.  How exactly we take the tour, and what the tour is, and what it consists of, is completely up to you.

This is an essay prompt I have and I was looking for any helpful tips or ideas. Maybe an example. I am so lost and uncreative with this stuff.

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This is an interesting idea, though you will undoubtedly need to do some planning before you can write. What your teacher wants is for you to find a way to describe everything about who you are, and this is just a more creative approach than simply writing a five-paragraph essay.

Think of all the personality traits and characteristics you want to share (for of course you are under no obligation to share everything) which would tell someone who you are. I have linked (below) several lists of personality traits in case you are struggling to decide what to share.

Once you know what you want to share, you must determine how to share it. A "tour" is a broad enough term to accommodate nearly anything you can imagine. Perhaps your traits are paintings on a wall and you give your readers a tour of the gallery, or maybe you travel around the world and famous landmarks (such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinxes, the Great Wall of China) represent the traits you want to share. Other ideas might include touring rooms in a house, stores in a mall, houses in a neighborhood, aisles in a grocery store, stops along a train ride, crayons in a crayon box, or drawers in a dresser.

Choose something that suits both you and the traits you want to convey; once you establish those two things, the writing should be relatively easy. Happy writing!


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