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Describe your final view of Brutus and the choices he made in "Julius Caesar."Did he...

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Describe your final view of Brutus and the choices he made in "Julius Caesar."

Did he misread the evidence that Caesar might become king? Should he have betrayed a friend for the public good? Was he wrong to kill the only man who could bring order out of chaos? Support your responses with evidence from the play

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Brutus is an honorable man. Enough said. Antony agrees that Brutus is the only one who is honorable of all the conspirators. If Brutus is so honorable that his enemy comments on his honor, Brutus would never have killed Caesar having not been convinced of his ambition.

Brutus is calm by nature. He does not make rash decisions. He killed Caesar because it had to be done.

It was hard for Brutus to put aside his love for Ceasr, but it had to be done.

Brutus loved Caesar and knew him well. He recognized that 
Caesar had changed and become overly ambitious.

Things were about to change in Rome and Brutus knew that. Caesar was about to show his overly ambitious side.

To study the quote Caesar makes gives an indication that he had become overly ambitious. "I came, I saw, I conquered." This quote indicates that Caesar saw himself as a conquerer. While there is nothing wrong with being a conquerer, Brutus began to question just whom Caesar intended to conquer.

Brutus killed Caesar because Caesar had become overly ambitious. The only mistake that Brutus made was allowing Antony to live. Brutus gave Antony the command when he allowed him to speak at Caesar's funeral. Again, Brutus is trying to believe the best in people. While this is good quality, it is a tragic flaw that costs Brutus his life.

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