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Describe when Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout and the events connected with it in To...

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Describe when Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout and the events connected with it in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Bob Ewell was obviously not satisfied with the guilty verdict against Tom Robinson and Tom's eventual death. Bob knew that Atticus had humiliated him and Mayella, and he wanted revenge. He was heard to comment after Tom's death that "it made one down and about two more to go"--probably meaning the two to go were Atticus and Judge Taylor. But Bob's cowardly streak precluded him from attacking Atticus, and he must have decided that killing Jem and Scout would be a satisfactory compromise. Bob must have been lurking about the school during the Halloween pageant and decided to follow the children home. He waited until they were in a dark area between the school and the Radley House on the edge of the deer pasture before attacking them. It would have been easy business for Bob, even though he was drunk: Scout was still wearing her cumbersome ham costume, and Jem was too small to handle Bob. But there was one more man lurking about that Bob hadn't counted on, and for Jem and Scout, it was the perfect time for Boo Radley to finally show his face.


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Bob Ewell was an angry man. He was filled with rage, and he didn't care who he took it out on. He was extremely angry at Atticus. Atticus had not only defended Tom Robinson, but had also all but said that Bob was the guilty one. Bob was furious that Atticus would defend a black man in the first place, but he was also mad because he couldn't intimidate Atticus. Most people were afraid of Bob, but Atticus was not one of them. Bob was trying to find a way of getting back at Atticus, and he saw Jem and Scout as the perfect way to get to Atticus.

When Bob attacks Jem and Scout, he is showing us just what a coward he is. He is taking all of his anger for Atticus out on Atticus's children. This is not the first time that Bob mistreats children; he did the same thing to his daughter, Mayella. Bob thinks he has the upper hand with Jem and Scout, and that he is finally going to get his revenge on Atticus. The one thing Bob does not count on is there being another person there, a person who has been hidden in the shadows, but for the sake of Jem and Scout is now finally ready to come out into the light. 


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