Describe what Winston’s room looks like in 1984.

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Winston's room is a flat in the "Victory Mansions" a place that is dilapidated at best with a barely functioning elevator, stinky and grimy hallways, and poor insulation that makes it drafty and cold. The telescreen is really the dominating feature of the room and cannot ever be turned off, only dimmed.  It is both a television and a viewing device allowing the party and the thought police to look into the every day lives of the party members at all times.

Because of a quirk in construction, Winston's room had a small alcove that was not visible to the telescreen, and this was where he had a desk and he kept his journal.  The fact that the telescreen cannot actually view him everywhere leads to his being able to commit the thought crime of writing in his diary.

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Winston has two rooms. One is a typical party member apartment dominated by a large Big Brother telescreen.

The other is the room above Mr. Charrington's
shop, which is decorated in an old-fashioned style and, most importantly, without a telescreen.


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