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Describe the structure of the Book of Luke as a whole. Describe the context of this...

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Describe the structure of the Book of Luke as a whole. Describe the context of this passage within the text. Identify and describe the literay forms.

All this question is for Exegesis from the book of Luke 2:8-20

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The structure of the Book of Luke is set up as an explanatory letter to a man named  Theophilus. In Luke 1:3, the author explains that, after a thorough investigation, he intends to write a chronological report on the ministry of Jesus. He says,

"it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you in consecutive order, most excellent Theophilus; 

The context of Luke 2:8-20 would fits perfectly with the author's intended structure because after giving a genealogy of Jesus, he describes the birth of Jesus and the reactions of the shepherds to that birth. The most important literary device in these verses is the tone. It is full of surprise and wonder. The shepherds are first described as "frightened" by "the glory of the Lord". But then they are comforted by the words "I bring you good news", literally "the gospel". Finally the wondrous tone continues as the angels sing "glory to God" and go down to Bethlehem to see the child. They tell their story and others in turn "wonder" at their statement. As the shepherds return, they are still "glorifying and praising God."         

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