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Describe the significant features and characteristics of the following cultures: ...

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Describe the significant features and characteristics of the following cultures:  Minoans, Mycenaeans, Athens, and Sparta.

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Minoans lived on the island of Crete. The culture was centred on magnificent palaces. Its art work included frescoes with humans, fish, vegetation and animals. Bulls and snakes were important in their art and religion. Three different undeciphered scripts Linear A, Hieroglyphic A, and Hieroglyphic B were used. Minoans traded with Egypt. The were conquered ca. 1500 BC by the Mycenaeans.

Mycenaeans: This is the culture putatively described in Homeric epic. They flourished on the mainland of Greece, and were influenced by and traded with the Minoans whom they eventually conquered. They spoke Greek. They wrote Greek in a syllabary known as Linear B which was deciphered in the 1950s. The culture ended ca. 1200 BC.

Athens: The great Greek democracy of the mainland known for its art, philosophy, and drama.

Sparta: A militaristic city-state kingdom located on the Peloponnesus.


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