Describe the setting, costumes, lighting, music and especially the action happening in Hamlet movie by Franco Zeffirelli in the final scene starting from the start of Hamlet and Laertes's fencing...

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Franco Zeffirelli's Hamletbuilds to the final scene where he uses a mixture of elements to manipulate the emotions of his audience. As Laertes and Hamlet move through their fencing match, their costumes change. They begin by suiting up in chain mail shirts. As the threat escalates, the battle costumes and weaponry changes as well. They put on heavy armor and helmets as Claudius poisons the drink stating "this pearl is thine. Here's to thy health", and entices Hamlet to drink as well. The weapons increase as they move on in the match to two swords just as Gertrude drinks to Hamlet's success and poisons herself. At this moment it should also be noted that Hamlet and Laertes are both stripped down to their bare shirts making them more vulnerable to the two swords the opponent wields, one of which is poisoned. As Gertrude realizes what has happened the music and sound change dramatically. The voices of the fray fade in the back as the ominous music builds. This leads to the contrasting silence which includes a faint echo in the dungeon like setting, that ensues after Hamlet has killed Claudius and the crowd stares in shocked horror as they watch Hamlet follow the others and die. 


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