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describe the relationship of hero and claudio.

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describe the relationship of hero and claudio.

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Much Ado About Nothing contrasts a conventional couple with an eccentric one. Hero and Claudio are so conventional that they rely on the proxy courtship typical of arranged marriages. They were attracted to each other before Claudio went off to war. Claudio speaks of his love for Hero indirectly, seeking Don Pedro’s permission to marry. On Claudio’s behalf, Don Pedro asks both Hero’s father and Hero herself. A misunderstanding follows about whether Don Pedro is courting on his own behalf. Don Pedro’s brother, Don John, is responsible for creating a misunderstanding between Hero and Claudio. They are contrasted to Benedick and Beatrice.


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Hero and Claudio are an example of love at first sight. They are set to marry when Claudio asks, but Don John causes a significant bump in their relationship, as he sets up Hero as having cheated on Claudio with her sleeping with another man (when it was actually Margaret). However, as a comedy, Shakespeare sets them both back together as a perfect couple as Dogberry, Verges and Seacole proves Hero's innocence. As epollock said, their marriage is heavily contrasted to Benedick and Beatrice's relationship and marriage.


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