Describe the process of Hypnopaedia. Give textual evidence and explain how this example reinforces the idea of community, identity and stability. If anyone could please help asap that would be...

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In the copy of the novel that I have, Hypnopaedia is discussed in the most detail starting on page 27, but an anecdote leading into it starts on page 25 about Little Rueben who was one of the first to be controlled, or conditioned rather, through this technique.

"The principle of sleep-teaching, or hypnopaedia, had been discovered." The D.H.C. made an impressive pause.

The principle had been discovered; but many, many years were to elapse before that principle was usefully applied (27).

The discovery of Hypnopaedia, according to the story, was when Rueben's parents left the radio on one night while he slept. He woke up quoting George Bernard Shaw and the craze came into being that if we could learn while sleeping, we could become smarter without even lifting a finger--while sleeping in fact. How much easier could learning get? Sadly, the new world uses this technique to manipulate children into being biased and prejudiced. Through conditioning children at such a young age, the controllers of the society inconspicuously force people to act in their own spheres of reality which brings everyone to a sense of community, identity, and stability. In other words, if everyone remains in his own social arena, then all three pillars of the world's motto will remain strong and in place.


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