Describe the plot structure in "How I Met My Husband".

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The plot is structured very simply.  It is told in chronological order.

The plot begins with Edie and Mrs. Peebles rushing outside to look to see if a plane has crashed that they heard overhead a few moments earlier.  A few paragraphs later, the pilot of that Plane, Chris, comes to the Peebles' household and meets Edie.  The plot ends with Chris never writing Edie as he promised and Edie sharing that she fell in love with the mailman who she talked to while waiting on the letters from Chris!  The mailman became her husband:

Edie sums up their entire relationship in the last two sentences of the story, saying they dated for two years and then married. Although they met because she was hoping for a letter from another man, her husband tells their children that she “went after him” by waiting for him every day at the mailbox, and she enjoys his story. (Enotes)

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