When the knight's sentence is revised, what punishment is he given?

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In this tale, the Wife of Bath tells of a knight who saw a young woman and raped her.  When King Arthur heard about this, he was extremely angry and he ordered that the knight should be executed.  But then the queen intercedes with King Arthur.  She persuades him that he should not have the knight executed right away.

So King Arthur lets the queen have her way -- he gives her the knight and lets her decide.  What she tells the knight is that he has to go out and figure out what it is that women want.  Here is a quote to that effect:

I’ll grant you life if you can tell to me
What thing it is that women most desire.
Be wise, and keep your neck from iron dire!
And if you cannot tell it me anon,(50)
Then will I give you license to be gone
A twelvemonth and a day, to search and learn
Sufficient answer in this grave concern.

I believe that she is doing this because his crime is one that shows that he does not really care about women.  So his punishment is to be forced to really care about women and find out what they are really like.  In that way, it's a pretty fitting punishment.

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