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Describe in detail, the two methods of language acquisition. Outline the third method...

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  1. Describe in detail, the two methods of language acquisition.
  2. Outline the third method of language acquisition that is a combination of the two language acquisition methods described in question "1."
  3. Compare and contrast these three theories of language acquisition.
  4. Provide a persuasive argument regarding which theory of language acquisition you believe is correct.

You need to provide support for your position by using the textbook and one additional scholarly source.

With each answer, please identify each of the methods of acquisition to which you refer.

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  1. Two methods to language acquisition are:
  1. Nativist approach – which postulates that language acquisition is based on the inherent capacity for all humans to acquire language. The theory suggests that all languages share a universal structure and that the human brain is wired to have the capacity to understand language.
  2. Learning Theory Approach – hypothesizes that language is attained through conditioning and reinforcement. That constant training and learning from and early age are what allows humans to acquire language skills.

      2.  The third method of language acquisition that combines the Nativist and Learning theory approaches is the Interactionist approach. The theory suggests that the development of language is a result of both genetic and environmental factors.      

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