Describe and comment upon Rob´s use of compilation tapes throughout the novel." I start to compile in my head a compilation tape for her, something´s that full of the stuff she´s heard of and...

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Since Rob’s career choices involve music, it makes sense that he would think in terms of music.  When Laura returns to him, she comments that he is a better DJ than a record store owner, and he seemed happier as a DJ.  He realizes this at the end with your quote.  When he says he can “see how it’s done” for the first time, this is his acceptance of the life she has set out for the two of them. 

This relates back to the beginning when she dumps him and he made the lists of girlfriends.  By making lists, he tries to take control of his life.  It is his way of understanding the world and himself, and trying to gain control. 

It is also a method of self-pity, because he can use the lists to come up with all of the reasons he should feel sorry for himself.  The ending is optimistic, showing that he has come to a better understanding of himself and his relationships.


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