Describe Chris's relationship with his father and whether you think it had something to do with his behavior in "Into the Wild." This is the topic of a Essasy I have to write for my...

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Considering the above post, making "truth" the focus of your essay would be a good way to go.  Use the essay to develop the many ways that Chris did not have "truth" at home -  the double life, the materialism, the "phony" socialite life - and then compare those things to the "truths" he is looking for in the world and in wilderness. 

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Chris McCandless' relationship with his father was strained at best.  Chris was an opinionated, determined, and stubborn young man with high ideals and little room for compromise.  His father is a hardworking man with high standards who shared his son's inabilty to compromise.  Chris was always critical of his parents and their lifestyle, but that criticsm turned to outright anger when Chris learned that his father had lived a double life with another family for a time.  Chris saw his father as a liar and a hypocrit and he was never able to forgive his father.  A recurrent theme in Chris' journal was a search for "truth", and he linked that search to the lack of truth he perceived in his family life.  After graduating from college Chris felt the need to flee from his family and their expectations in order to seek the truth that he felt he had never experienced.

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