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'DELAWARE: Statute prohibits injuries inflicted by non-accidental means involving...

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'DELAWARE: Statute prohibits injuries inflicted by non-accidental means involving physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, emotional/mental injury, or abandonment. Statute contains exemption for religion.'

Therefore, if there is an exemption for religion, does that prohibit the law from prosecuting priests that molest children?

Also, Delaware recently passed a law that prohibited any 'pain' caused to the child and considers it 'child abuse',  so when the next generation reaches their teenage years what are we going to do with all the bratty, self-righteous, and ignorant children? The reason being that technology is taking over and no one pays attention to their children, nevertheless cares for their safely by consistantly messing with their phones? Not only that, but the carelessness of their childs developement because they are too busy trying to be young and keep up with the times rather than focus on their only and most important job in life being a parent.

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