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Define "universal set" with examples.

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Define "universal set" with examples.

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The universal set is the set of all elements that are considered in a specific theory. We'll note the universal set with U.

We'll choose as universal set: U = {6,7,8,9,15,16,17,18,20,21}.

We have to determine the sets:

M = {x / x are the multiple of 3}

N = {x / x are the multiple of 5}

The elements of M and N have to be chosen from the universal set U.

To determine M, we'll identify the multiples of 3 from U: {6,9,15,18,21}

M = {6,9,15,18,21}

To determine N, we'll identify the multiples of 5 from U: {15,20}.

N = {15,20}

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In a discussion all sets are cosidered to be the subset of big set . Such a big set of which all other sets under discussion are subsets is called the universal set. We normally use the symbol U for the universal sets.

Examples: A set of all  students of a  in a school could be a universal set, if  we consider  the different sets of students whose  age is below 10 ,  equal to10 or below or equal to 12 and above 12.

The set of all numbers below 1000 is universal set , if we consider the sets  of numbers divisibe  by  2 and 3  and neither by 2 nor by 3 within 1000.

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