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What is an example of propaganda from the book Red Scarf Girl?

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What is an example of propaganda from the book Red Scarf Girl?

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An example of propaganda is the Propaganda Wall used to promote state leaders and ideas. 

The wall was located at the end of an alley, and used to display posters.

Right at the entrance to our alley, where you could not help noticing it, stood the propaganda wall. (p. 98)

The book’s glossary defines propaganda as “[information] intended to promote a particular belief” (p. 298).  The propaganda wall is something Ji-li finds disturbing.  The posters seem to watch her.  They are simple proponents of the fight against the Four Olds.

Propagandists prefer simple and clear arguments and descriptions over complex ones. It targets the emotions of its audience, rather than the intellect… (enotes, propaganda)

Even though Ji-li was young, she was old enough to realize that the propaganda was not helpful, but harmful.  The mindless distribution of ideas frustrates and confuses her.


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