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Define post-colonial theory and post-colonial literature giving clear, relevent...

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Define post-colonial theory and post-colonial literature giving clear, relevent examples within the text.

What is post colonial-theory and what is post-colonial literature?  Use post-colonial authors.

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This is in my own words and is not a dictionary or handbook definition, but Post-Colonial Theory studies former colonies, once the colonial powers have left.  Post-Colonial literature is the literature written by members of the colony, once they are no longer a colony. 

An endless number of problems occur, for instance, when a colonial power ends its "occupation," so to speak.  Vaccumes in power develop (think civil wars in Africa), vacuums in the economy, in education, in police forces, government, etc.  In some ways, colonies are worse off after they are finally freed from colonization.

The literature that develops out of these former colonies is post-colonial literature.  Some examples of post-colonial writers include Chinua Achebe and Ngugi from Africa and Jamaica Kincaid from Antigua.

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