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Define evolution and give an example.This is for 12th grade biology

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Define evolution and give an example.

This is for 12th grade biology

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According to Charles Darwin, evolution is "descent with modification".  A more modern definition is: change in genetically determined characteristics of populations. The process is driven by natural selection.  A classic example is that of the Peppered Moth (Biston betularia) of Britton.

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Evolution is where living things gradually change over time to become better suited to an ever-changing environment to ensure survival. Darwin was the man who brought this out into the lime-light.

An example of evolution is when scientist study the fossil-record and studying the genetics of living organisms dating back to around 3 and 1/2 billion years ago.

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Nowadays, the accepted definition would be a bit more technical and goes :

evolution is the change in allele frequency in a population, over time.

Basically, it's characteristics (beneficial and detrimental) which occur more (or less) in groups as generations come and go.

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Charles Darwin’s name is closely associated with the concept of evolution and for many people Darwinism is evolution. The explanation of evolution has been beautifully elaborated by Darwin in his book entitled “The Origin of Species by Natural Selection.” Examples of evolutions are: vestigial organs like vermiform appendix in man, muscles of external year, vestigial tail vertebrae, wisdom tooth, and evidences from paleontology like Archaeopteryx.

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