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Explain the relation of criminology with any other three branches of learning.In the...

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Explain the relation of criminology with any other three branches of learning.

In the above question i understand the term criminology, but i did't understand what does other branches of learning means. So my main focus is on the last section of the question. Please.........

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Criminology, the science of identify criminal behavior, is a combination of several other branches of learning, or college-level disciplines, notably microanalysis (physiological and chemical), psychology, economics, even anthropology, as well as the discipline of logic and probability.  Solving crimes is just one branch of criminology.  Perhaps even more important is the prevention of crime, which is a psychological specialty, and the administration of the institutes and special tools of criminology—police enforcement units, prison administration, security systems, lie detection, questioning techniques, etc.  Even urban social studies are applied to criminal behavior and prevention studies.  Of course, law studies have criminology as a subset—the defense or the prosecution of criminals can be claimed as Law specialties.  The “human” sciences of social behavior and psychological analysis, sometimes combined in what is called “profiling” are essential disciplines in criminology.  Any college disciplines dealing with human behavior can be entries into criminology as a specialty.

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