Describe the main characters in "The Face on the Milk Carton."

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Janie Johnson: protagonist; red-headed, introspective, not an attention seeker; despite everything she's been given in life (and the fact that she's an only child), Janie does not act spoiled.

Frank and Miranda Johnson: the parents who raised Janie; they provided her with everything she could possibly need or want.  Despite how much they provide for her, they do not spoil her; they seem older than most of her friends' parents.

Reeve Shields: Janie's next door neighbor and love interest; good looking, good listener, protector; he and Janie are good friends before they become romantic with one another.

Sarah Charlotte and Adair: Janie's girl friends at school.

Hannah: Frank and Miranda's daughter; involved in a cult; identified as Janie's real mother, but likely kidnapped Janie at a young age.

The Springs: a red-headed family from whom Janie believes she was kidnapped; the book ends with Janie contacting these people and identifying herself as their "daughter...Jennie."

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Janie Johnson-Shes thin, and has long, red, curly hair, shes 15 years old. she feals younger than her friends her own age. shes lactose intolerant, she shy, quiet.

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You are correct but Reeve is also a character and he is romantic, a good listener understanding and sweet.

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her father

her mother


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